INGREDIENTI for 2-3 people

130 gr flour type 0
70-75 ml warm water
5 gr turmeric
11 gr olive oil
10 gr durum wheat semolina
3 gr salt
2 gr brewer's yeast
2 gr sugar


1 hour 15 minutes




Appetizer / Starter


Mix sugar and brewer's yeast until the mixture will become liquid. Add warm water and turmeric. In another bowl mix all the flours and add the liquid part a little at a time.. When the mixture is formed add salt first and the olive oil. The mixture must rest for about 30 minutes, preferably into the oven whit the light on. After this time, lay the mixture with the rolling pin. Cut some stripes and put them on the roasting pan and make them rest for about 30 minutes. Cook them into oven at 180°C (356°F) for about 15-20 minutes (verify the cooking). Once cold, conserve them in a paper bag.




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