Who am I?…good question!!

First of all I love reading, I love very much cats and even more travelling. I love sea and sun, visiting new places, being with my husband and all my family. I love soccer, and even if it's strange for a women, I have this passion since I was very young. I like work out to keep in shape, when I can I go running. This is Giulia in her private life.

My professional life is surely more complicated! If you asked me this question when I was 24, as a new graduate student, I would answer you "a biotechnologist, of course". Fortunately or unfortunately this way never opened. I finished my study in 2008 and the only positive thing that remain of all that period is my wonderful husband: I met him during the study.

If you asked me the same question in 2013, I would answer “An employed in a lombardy hospital”.

And now? Professionally, I'm not a biotechnologist and I'm not an employed but I'm a COOKER who hopes to realize the dream of all her life.
In August 2016, while I was in Val Gardena in the Dolomites on holiday, knowing that my contract was expiring and knowing that I had any other job offer, I asked myself: “ Giulia, it’s time to get back in the game. What’s the thing I love the most?”

The answer was easy: COOKING!!


So, with my husband, I thought how to realize this dream and in few months we create this website that follow my training course at Food Genius Academy in Milan where I tried to perfect my cooking techniques.

I also did other two professional courses at La Cucina Italiana school, one ragarding the roast meat and its cooking techniques and another regarding bread and other sourdoughs.

From here, I hope that you will tell my story, if you’ll decide to meet me, to share and try my dishes.



Cooked4u is my project born after the professional cooking class did at Food Genius Accademy in Milan. I choose this particular english name because my goal is to reach foreign tourists, doing their holidays on Como Lake, where I live. In other countries in fact, this service of cooking class and personal chef is even more widespread than in Italy. So my idea is to give the same service to these people who come here on holiday. Of course I speak english and also a little bit of french.

Moreover, cooked4u is born with the idea to spread this work of personal chef also in Italy because in the bog cities like Milan this service is still present. The service advantages are several: you will stay at your own home, you could choose many different dishes, I go to the store to buy ingredients, of course I will cook, I serve you and I will clean the kitchen. All this service with a fair price!

What are you waiting for? Write me or call me, in the contact section you will find all the informations!

I hope to see you soon!