Ingredients for 4 people

          For the pasta

400 gr buckwheat
100 gr white flour
250 gr warm water (near order)

          For the dressing

150 gr savoy cabbage
200 gr potatoes
100 gr cheese
50 gr aged cheese
60 gr butter
Some sage leaves            


1 hour




Main Course


Kneading the flours with water. Rolling pasta with rolling pin until a thickness of 2-3 mm. Create some stripes of 6-7 cm of thickness and cut some stripes of about 1cm. Put boiling water in a big pot. In the meantime cut the savoy cabbage and the potatoes. Put salt into water, add potatoes and after 5 minutes also the savoy cabbage. Cook for other 2 minutes and add pasta. Pasta is fresh: it need about 5 minutes of cooking. If you'll use industrial pasta, it cooks in about 15 minutes. In this case, add potatoes, pasta and savoy cabbage in the same time. During cooking, cut the cheese and melt the butter with sage leaves and garlic. Drain the pasta, add cheese, butter and parmesan. Serve hot. 



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