This little town offers two incredible natural sight: the Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon.
They are both becoming very popular but I'm sure that a visit is worth the effort. They are two completely different landscapes; the first is a ring of rock surronded by the Colorado river. A breath-taking show with an unlimited horizon.
I cannot describe what you feel when you'll arrive to the limit of the path and you'll see the Horseshoe bend...it's incredible!
The Antelope Canyon is a natural canyon modelled by water and wind, very narrow and when the light pass throw the rocks, it produces particular colour effects. 
I suggest you to visit it in the centarl hours of the day, from 11 to 14. It's a fascinating way of about 300-400 metres between two narrow rock's walls.
You can't go alone but it's necessary to go visiting the canyon with local guides that tell you about the peculiarity of this canyon. It's easy to book the visit throw their website and then you'll pay directly the day of the visit.
The weather in april was perfect; sunny day and warm. In august is easier to find rainy day. In this case you can't visit Antelope Canyon because with rain is very dangerous. Also here the best period for the visit is june.
So, the food? In Page I ate one of the best beef fillet of my life. American people are very good in cooking meat! For visiting Page and its attractions is necessary stay there for 1 night, so I could taste just one restaurant, a very good restaurant! Contact me for every infos and/or curiosity at info@cooked4u.it! See you at next stop!

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