The second stop of this trip; a wonderful place, the only one in its genre. For nature lovers, of course this is one of the most spectacular landscapes. Grand Canyon is an inevitable stop-over for people who are doing a travel like this. Choosing april for the visit was perfect. Weather was fantastic: warm and sunny during the day and cool in the evening.
Usually, the best period for the visiting is june when rain is less probable. 2 years ago, I went there in august but I couldn't visit it because of some storms. In this conditions could be very dangerous. For this reason, we decided to come back again and this time we have been more lucky!
About food, the choice is limited. Both you stay inside park or in the town nearby, places for eating are not so much and they do only a low quality american cuisine. Hamburger, meat and pizza (american pizza...) are the only food. In one photo you will see a Tacos I eate during my short stop in Phoenix: strong tastes but good! But I guarantee that in a place like this it's easy to adapt!
Some days are necessary for visiting park and doing trekking. We stay there for 2 nights: if you want to have a general look and have a short walk, 2 nights are enough.
Before arriving in Grand Canyon, coming from Phoenix, we stopped for lunch in Flagstaff: a characteristic town on the Route 66. Don't go in the typical touristic place on the main street. Just near the city center you can find a very pretty restaurant completely managed by women. Food is spectacular: not light but surely tasty and characteristic!
See you soon for the next stop and if you want to learn more, contact me! 

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