It's difficult to resume this travel in few words. It's the Travel, the one that more than others you will remember for all your life, just secondary the Honeymoon travel. And in fact, also in that situation the destination was less or more the same. Maybe for this reason me and my husband decided to travel through again, obviously with some variations, our most important trip with our family.
So last april, we went to the West Coast and this time also our parents left with us: terrified but at the same time curious to take on this experience with us. Of course the expectations were respected and also went beyond! 
This journey has been long and fascinating so I decide to divide my report in different episodes on the basis of the place we visited.
The first place is Los Angeles. I love this city. It has all I like: sea, sun, every kind of food but especially lovely and open-minded people and a really optimisme in the air. I love Santa Monica, I believe that Beverly Hills is very fascinating and you must visite Universal Studios; an amusement park but also a world cinema library! Very interesting!
Los Angeles is this and more, remember that is necessary to have a car to go around the city because public transport are not so efficient. Of course LA is very extended: you need at least 3-4 days to see principal areas of the city. And of course you can eat everything, everywhere and every kind of food: american, italian, asian, french...
If you want a suggestion, go to Rainbow in Sunset Boulevard. It's a famous bar/pub where exhibited the most famous Rock and Metal bands and where you can eat a fantastic american cuisine. Chicken and hamburgers in this seventy and eighties atmosphere are unmissable. See you soon for the next story of this beautiful trip and if you want to learn more, contact me!


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