INGREDIENTS for 2 people

1/2 chicken breast
1/2 apple
8-10 chioggia radish leaf
Broth or water with vegetable cubes
White wine
Olive oil
Salt, pepper


1 hour




Second dish


Cut the apple and the radish. Put them in a pot with 2 spoons of oil, simmer with white wine until reduced, add salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes. I suggest you to ask your butcher to do a pouch in your breast. Wait for the cooling of the stuffed and then add it into the breast. Don't completely fill the breast because you risk to break it. Close the breast with the twine and cook into a pot with oil and, if you want, few butter. When is brown, add the with wine and then the broth. Cook for 30-40 minutes on the basis of the dimension of the breast. When is ready, remove it from the pot, cut it and put again into the pot for few minutes. Serve hot.


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