For me 2016 was a year full of travels! After NY and Andalusia just told you in other stories, in august me and my husband went to Portugal. In particular we went to Lisbon, Coimbra, Sintra, Cascais and Algarve.
I've just been in Lisbon in 2000 with my parents: it's changed a lot! In few years it has been transformed and became a modern city. Always wonderful, rich of monuments, street and fantastic landscapes first of all because of sunny days we had in our 10 days holiday.
Coimbra is a little but precious town: there is the oldest european University. In Sintra there is a beautiful castle where royal family went for holidays. It's perfectly preserved!
Cascais is a little town on the sea where Lisbonian people went for their weekend holidays.
But first of all you must visit Algarve: a beautiful sea, red rocks and gold sand. A unique landscape! And food? Unfortunately food disappoints me a little. During my first visit 15 years ago, I remembered a fantastic salted codfish (one of my favourite plate), a food not so various, but tasty and well-finished. Now, I found, particularly in Lisbon, a low quality food instead of 15 years ago and I havent't find a good restaurant to eat a good salted codfish. But a visit in Lisbon is necessary to taste the fantastic Pasteis de Belèm: little sweets made with puff pastry, crème patissière and cinnamon. Delicious!
In Algarve the main plate is "asado", that it's grilled meat: they are very good in it!
Surely Portugal is a great country and portugues people are very welcoming. If you want to learn more contact me at: info@cooked4u.it. See you soon!! 

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